1978 Issue 63 - The League of Gentlemen and Booking Bristow!

By DW Editorial Staff 05/07/2020

DESPITE the modern preference for brightly coloured, and ornately patterned, sport shirts, our look through the Darts World archives produced many pictures and stories of 'dapper darters'. This article was a particularly fine example.

From Tommy O Regan, always in a collar and tie, and Billy Lennard playing in 'smarts', through to various sponsors photoshoots, we kept discovering darter's displaying their finery. Fair play to this outfit though, butler at the ready and champagne to match. They raised £600 in one match in 1978.

Their board skills were a little less impressive than their fundraising efforts, the team could only recall one win in seven years!


The Darts World Years continues…………


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