1979 - Issue 84:Tony Sontag.

By DW Editorial Staff 06/07/2020

COVER SHOTS are sometimes a story in themselves. This great example from 1979 features American Tony Sontag. He had risen to prominence, at least in the UK, during the previous year:

Tony reached the semi-finals of both the British Open and the World Masters and gained much attention. As can be seen, above it was not only his darts that ensured people noticed him. Perhaps Steve Beaton did not get his look by accident after all?

Both 1979 and 1980 proved fruitful years for Sontag and he claimed a historic title along the way. as well as reaching the last sixteen of the world championship Tony claimed 'The Bullseye Darts Championship' which could be described as the darts equivalent of 'Pot Black'. The event ran for three series between 1979 and 1981. Tony claimed the maiden title. The only other winner? Jocky Wilson!

A few obscure years followed, for Tony, but he returned in 1986 to reach the semi-finals of the Dutch Open (he had reached the final in 1980) and the same stage of the Dry Blackthorn Masters, where it took John Lowe to see of his challenge.

Sadly, Tony died in 2018 but many from his era remember him fondly and as very good player indeed. His cover shot is one of our most memorable.


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