1988 - Issue 182: Cable TV Enters Darts. The Shape of Things To Come?

By DW Editorial Staff 18/07/2020

Not for the first time DARTS WORLD was involved in the organisation of aground breaking darts event. Back in the late 70s we had introduced the Darts World KO Cup. Now the first cable TV event was produced in association with Darts World.

The first Croydon Cable Television Darts Championships were held at Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace football club. Gene Raymond claimed the title, worth £400, and the event seems to have gone very smoothly.

Looking back this may have been a test or trial event to showcase what could be done in terms of producing and selling darts for cae/satellite TV.

It's pleasing to see Darts World was willing to play a role in such efforts to boost the sport and find it new markets and audiences.


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