1988 - Issue 189: Alcohol Banned On Stage. BDO Act.

By CJ Harris-Hulme 18/07/2020

ALCOHOL swiftly followed cigarettes as darts started, possibly too late, to try to appease the demands of TV companies and those who wanted the game to present a more wholesome, professional image.

The fact that's such rules already applied at many overseas events helped the players to adapt and the governing bodies to pass such regulations.

While no one looks back now and wants a return to cigarette smoke billowing on stage, or lager being sloped all over the place, there is a hint in the story about how the colour get drained from sport through over regulation.

The changes to dress rules mentioned above, are the thin end of the uniformity wedge. Fortunately, partly thanks to Peter Wright, the PDC have acknowled that this can go too far and that individuality and flair must be allowed some expression.


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