1992 - Issue 241: Germany's First 9 Dart Moment.

By Phil Lanning 23/07/2020

More evidence of the early rise of german darts. Have you heard of Volker Backes. Perhaps you should have....

The recent surge in popularity, and success, of German darts, has so what masked the steady development that Darts World had reported for many years.

The first record we have of a competitive 9 Darter was struck in 1992.

The details of the story to the right reveal much. Backes opponent was one other than the long time German international and regular world championship qualifier, Andrew Welge.

Andre went on to win the game and Backes had to settle for a special £300 prize! Better than the usual whip round, eh!

Welge was a talented player who often threatened to reach the highest level despite just falling short. He is also remembered as the opponent when Colin Lloyd 'lost it' and punched the board in the 2010/11 World Championships.

Less easily spotted is the 776 entrants in that Dartmond Open. Looks like it not just football they are keen on!

So, the rise of German darts is a long, slow burning, story in which Volker Backes should hold a place.


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