1993 - Issue 246: E.U. Darts?

By DW Editorial Staff 25/07/2020

Dependant on your Leave/Remain view the new E.U. event, held in Maastrict, could be viewed as a laudable attempt to promote darts or a shameless act of self-promotion. Darts World will leave our readers to make up their minds on the European Community Masters!

The EU would not be the first to attempt to associate itself with darts in order to strengthen their 'market' position. During the 'Darts World Years' we have seen many brands as well as towns, cities and even countries attempting a similar strategy. From Japanese food festivals to holiday camps and hotels in popular tourist destinations, darts has always provided a link between brands and their target audience.

Image result for e u flag image

Darts World cannot think of another that would later become such a controversial brand or organisation as the European Union!


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