1997 - Issue 297: Darts Wars Settled. Was Justice Potts A True Saviour Of Darts?

By CJ Harris-Hulme 28/07/2020

Justice Potts should hold a fond place in the hearts of 'real' darts fans. His insistence that the two warring tribes make a final effort, to settle their differences, and his careful supervision of that process may well have prevented the destruction of one side, or the other, or possibly both:

The Thomlin order allowed the PDC (as it would now be known) to continue and their payers to earn a living whilst recognising that the BDO/WDF axis governed the grassroots of the game. The space gained enabled Hearn and SKY to create what we know today as professional darts whilst fulfilling his initial promises.

Sir Humphrey Potts | The Times
Mr Justice Potts - The Saviour of Darts?

Had the BDO restructured their model who knows? But had Justice Potts not realised the dreadful consequences of a trial, and ruling, and levered the parties into that one final effort.......

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