1998 - Issue 313: BDO Launch Own Website!

By DW Editorial Staff 29/07/2020

Not to be left behind, in the internet age, the BDO was pretty quick to get on tinterweb. To those who say that the BDO has always been old fashioned and out of step we give you this:

It seems such a shame that this original site address no longer exists but it just goes to show how early the BDO and darts, in general, realised that the internet could be a huge asset.

As we have seen, ever since, the combination of data, records, and the small playing area enables darts to maximize its use of the internet in a way that few can rival.

The recent COVID-19 crisis and how our game reacted demonstrated that darts and the internet will be close partners for the forseeable future.

The Darts World Years continues…………here and over in the Twitterverse


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