2001 - Issue 340: Darts Wives and Mason Makes Apology

By DW Editorial Staff 29/07/2020

Despite the 'settling' of the 'Code wars' and a period of development in the game, some it seemed were determined to still portray darts is a negative light. Huge efforts had been made by players, sponsors, and organisations alike, to clean up the game's image and generally create a positive environment. The BBC took another route. This time presenting the negative through the device of using the players' wives and partners:

Chris was already a controversial character and had been in headlines previously. As with Alan Evans before him, and others who followed, his huge talent and plain-speaking approach ensured that the press beat a path to his door and, on this occasion, got value for their efforts.

Chris Mason Player Profile
Chris in full flow. (PDC)

However, it's interesting to note that, although an apology was deemed necessary, both the game and Darts World seemed to be as anti the BBC effort as they were annoyed with Chris's remarks. Although the documentary is cited, against the game of darts, occasionally it is far less credit worth and long-lasting as another we saw in 2001.

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