A handful of MVG wisdom

By Coach 19/09/2020

World No.1 Michael van Gerwen has offered a handful of strong pieces of advice. I cannot deny that I am very impressed by MVG’s coaching debut! It’s unusual for the top players to give such good information.

Often famous names are trying not to put anyone off or say anything controversial, so they just say generic things such as "practice hard" or "enjoy what you do".

These five offerings, however, are things that can be seen to work for Michael and might also be implemented by improving players.

MVG’s Tips:


1. Perfect the setup

Michael used to have a habit of getting offline as a youngster and in fixing his set-up position allowed him to become a consistent winning machine. Try very slow motion back and through darts throws to see the true line of your dart aim.

2. Obey your natural rhythm

Great rhythm is something Michael has always had from a young age and has been extremely careful never to mess with it. His throw has a start and a beautiful finish with no bits and pieces in between. See your throw as one movement not separate pieces.

3. Start smoothly forwards

Another area Michael has perfected is the transition. The shoulder stabilises the throw, so make sure it stays stable as you smoothly accelerate forward.

4. Stick the finish

Michael’s trademark is his sublime extension and throw-finish showing perfect balance and power. That can’t happen without a lot of good things happening in your throw first, so stick your finish.

5. Find your weakest link

A few years ago, Michael found that his mind was wandering halfway through many games. Identifying that this was linked to focus and stamina Michael got himself ready for the dip, so find your weakness and make it a strength.

Pic: Taylor Lanning
*Michael Van Gerwen was talking to winmau.com.


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