Adams Declares the BDO Dead.

By Phil Lanning 20/08/2020

Long time England Captain and BDO stalwart Martin Adams has declared the organisation dead. Speaking at the England vs Scotland 'Drive in Darts' event he told Darts World's Phil Lanning:

"I have got to be honest... I think unfortunately the BDO has died. The twice World Champion seemed to be enjoying his venture North of the border for a fun night of open-air darts. But the situation with the organisation he spent his career representing clearly concerned him:

"It's a sad sad day.... What more can you say, really. I just think it's unrecoverable." 

Martin finished off with the blunt summary" I think we actually buried it (the BDO) with Olly Croft, the founder."

Darts World's conversation with Wolfie can be seen here: YouTube interview: 
Dart World Magazine (571) covered the story like this:

Heartbroken Martin Adams has declared the BDO “dead” as the first major sporting casualty of Covid-19. The BDO’s commercial arm, BDO Enterprises, went into liquidation this summer, throwing the darts championship into doubt.

The BDO World Championships, run annually since 1978, are now not expected to take place next January. It does not even appear on the o cial website’s calendar page. Lakeside legend Adams, a three-time world champion, told Darts World exclusively:

“Unfortunately the BDO has died.”
Wolfie, 64, fumed:

“It died at the World Masters last year in my view. That was a very sad, sad day. What more can you say? I think it is unrecoverable. “I think it is beyond saving now. When you go into voluntary liquidation it means nails-in-the coffin time."

“Talking of coffins, the BDO was buried with Olly Croft, the founder. “It is emotional. It breaks my heart. “It’s very sad it has come to this. I always try to think positive, to think of a positive phrase like ‘All good things come to an end’. “It was a very good thing. But it seems as if it has come to an end".

“I’ll keep playing. There is the WDF, the English Darts Organisation, the Wales and Scotland bodies are still going, so there is plenty still for me to participate in. “I love the exhibitions. I am at the time in life where I play the tournaments I enjoy"

The Sun newspaper demonstrated the importance of Adam's opinion and picked up the story, and ran it nationally, shortly after our exclusive aired.


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