Andy Fordham's huge talent

By JR Lott 15/07/2021

ANDY Fordham, who has passed away aged only 59, was one of dart's most beloved sons. But, Andy was more than a mere personality and it should not be forgotten just how good he was. The Viking claimed the game's iconic titles and some others that were perhaps more purists events.

The Viking Cometh:

Fordham came to the attention of many when he won the Winmau World Masters in 1999 defeating Mensur Suljovic and Merv King along the way. But it was his attempts to win the Lakeside crown that saw him win his first set of ardent fans. 4 times, between 1995 and 2003, the Dartford publican reached the semi semi-finals, and four times he lost to the eventual champion or a giant of BDO darts. Burnett, Beaton, Barneveld and Hankey.

However, both the man himself and his army of supporters would not give in and 2004 saw what many felt was his destiny finally fulfilled.

His eventual triumph is one of the occasions that long-standing fans of darts talk of in awe. That comeback, against Van Barneveld in the semi, surely it was all over? The superb and somewhat surprising performance to brush aside The King 6-3. What is less well-remembered is that Andy had also had to survive a deciding set again major winner Darryl Fitton in the qtrs and head off a certain young pretender called Stephen Bunting in the last 16. This could hardly be said to be a favourable draw!

A Player's Player

Among a myriad of other titles, Fordham claimed the British Matchplay and the British pentathlon (twice) both of which are regarded as true tests of all-round darting skill and highly valued by the players themselves. Also on the roll of honour were several of the biggest 'open' titles of the day including the Welsh, Swiss and Finnish titles. 

The Team Man

As an England international Fordham picked up runners-up medals in the World Cup and European Cup singles but claimed the team and pairs events at the World Cup in 1995 and 2001 as well as European Cup Team and pairs win in 1996 and 1998.

The World Hattrick

So whilst you may remember Andy Fordham as a big man with a big personality perhaps remember that this World Champion, World Master and World Cup winner was also a very big talent!

Image: L Lustig PDC


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