Are You Going MAD?

By CJ Harris-Hulme 05/07/2020

The team over at MAD, Modern Amateur Darts, are launching a nationwide system for amateur dart players to gain recognition and perhaps even qualify for MAD 'Premium Events'. A statement of intent from MAD!

Like all new things, there are many questions to be asked. Players will want to know how to join and how to pick up points, teams may want to know how to register.

We at Darts World are, and always have been, hugely supportive of grassroots darts and opportunities for everyone to play our game. For this reason, we are delighted to see MAD attempting to bring this area of the game into the 21st century.

An intention to be as open and transparent as possible will endear the new group to many. We look forward to seeing the full plans as they are developed and rolled out!. For more details of the new MAD blueprint keeping checking and our dedicated MAD area.


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