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By CJ Harris Hulme 01/08/2021

When we last visited the MODUS Live League its new incarnation was beginning to show signs of maturity. The mix of legendary names, fresh talent and a smattering of feminine faces, has proven a potent mix in bringing new darts to TV.

Since then there has been an intermission, a refreshed format, and a broadcast deal with Sporty Stuff TV. It is no small achievement to bring more darts on free-to-air television. MODUS have pulled off a coup that other darts organisations will envy and many have failed to manage. The niche sports channel has spotted the combination of entertainment, broadcast time, and betting-friendly TV that suits their profile and customer base perfectly.

The organisational ability of George Noble and the knowledge, profile, and commentary skills of Chris Mason and Paul Nicholson ensure that the package is slick and professional while not demanding the enormous budget and outside broadcast logistics of conventional broadcast events. The new format is both great viewing and excellent for those pitching the arrows.

Each weekly group stage now builds towards not only a weekly winner but a place in ‘Champions Week’ where the prize fund is over £5000. The incentive has already reaped rewards with a very impressive standard since the start of the new broadcast.

Opening day of the inaugural ‘Champions’ week produced a ‘tournament average’ of over 94 across the fifteen games played. To put that in context, the recent PDC Super Series didn’t manage to get above 93 across any of their four events. While there is, rightly, much coverage of the Development Tour and programs such as Winmau’s 360 project helping young talent to develop both themselves and the game of darts, MODUS could well have created a new development system for players of all ages.

Whether you’re an up and coming player like Shaun McDonald, a rebuilding icon like Colin Osborne or a semi-retired legend with time on your hands, such as Martin Adams, the Live League offers quality conditions, professional organisation, and high-level opposition. What more can you ask for? Every area of sports and entertainment has had to face the challenges of an atomised media environment and as a result, we have e-sports, podcasting and various live-streaming ecosystems in which they have learned to thrive.

By combining these Sporty Stuff broadcasts with Youtube, bookmaker channels and social media Live League could be the first to crack ‘new media’ darts? Sporty Stuff TV is available on SKY (437) and Freesat (250).


Original Article appears in Darts World 575 



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