Back in Bat?

By Editorial Staff 14/04/2021

WORLD Senior darts have hit the ground running since their announcement last week. After securing the services of the most successful player in the history of our sport, they have announced the recruitment of, perhaps, its greatest showman. Two-time World champion Ted 'The Count' Hankey has announced his participation today.

The event, promoted by Modus sports, will hold its inaugural championships in 2022. The field will contain 14 legendary players via invitation and two more from a 'Senior Q School'.

Names such as Kieth Deller, Dennis Priestley, Martin Adams, Andy Fordham, John Lowe, Bob Anderson, Richie Burnett, John Part, and Les Wallace have also been invited to take part. Other such as Co Stompe has expressed a keenness to return to the oche on a competitive basis.

The success of World Senior Snooker has illustrated that an audience exists for competitive and entertaining events featuring fondly remembered players. 

Darts World 574 will contain more information on 'World Senior Darts', we will explore the possible players and how it may work.
The Spring issue will be released on April 30th and will be available here.



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