Baggish in tears after Lewis KO

By Phil Lanning 22/12/2020

BRAVE Danny Baggish burst into tears in stage after dumping former champ Adrian Lewis, having found out just hours earlier his brother had suffered a severe stroke.

The Guamanian-born American produced a sensational performance to KO Lewis including the first 170 checkout of the event to win 3-1.

But Baggish, 31, showed remarkable steel to even play after learning that his brother Harrison was fighting for his life back in America. 

He said: “I got a message at 9am or 10am in the morning from my sister and she didn’t mean to send it to me knowing I was over here. 

“My oldest brother suffered a severe stroke and he had to be brought into emergency surgery to get the clot out the brain.

“He’s in ICU as we speak. Harrison I love you, this is for you. 

“Once I got the message, we’re all human I let out a bag of emotions. The first person i reached out to was Devon Petersen. 

“He gave me his story, telling me do it for my brother. He told me you are here to play the World Championship and play for him.

“Devon told me to keep him in my heart and thoughts and focus on the task and do it for him.”

It was a slow start from Lewis but he showed signs of a comeback before Baggish nailed an outstanding 91 finish to clinch it.

On that 170 finish, Baggish, 31, said: “I just love the darts and I knew Adrian wasn’t on a finish and i said to myself if I hit the two triple 20s ‘come on man be the first one to hit it’.

“There’s so many great players back in the States, Jeff Smith has been coming over here doing a great job.

“I wanted to keep my composure and show that I do belong. Win or lose just leave it all on the stage.

“My folks back home are going crazy right now. I like to watch who predicts who. Shout out to Wayne Mardle saying that Adrian’s going to score well. I want to show all of them that I belong.

“I think I can play with anyone and that’s just my belief. I never think that I’m going to win until I hit the last double.

“When the 170 went in, when you let out emotion like that, like Gerwyn Price it releases a lot of adrenalin. It’s just exciting for me, no disrespect to anyone that I play. I just love to show emotion, that’s it.”


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