Brown bashes BDO vultures

By JR Lott 31/12/2020

Darts World's recent conversation with MAD's founder Steve Brown took on a very familiar feel. Without prompting we seemed to cover three district areas that are appropriate for this time of year. The past, the present, and the future are all relevant to The MADfather as he rapidly establishes the new organisation for the amateur dart player.

Our first piece looked at the present with MAD recent launch and the ongoing process of getting MAD established.
Brown sees 'the ghosts of Christmas past' as something to learn from rather than ignore. Although that does not stop him from expressing annoyance with some of those who seem to wish failure on anyone brave enough to step into the void left by the BDO.

"In its last few years, the BDO lacked both excitement and the entertainment level that fans had come to expect" "We are determined to bring back an element of that with MAD" 

The MAD Team has done their research in these areas and their solutions are certainly seeking to address them as quickly as possible. Yet as in any new venture the knockers and naysayers have been quick to run down the new organisation as well as sticking in the boot to the BDO.

" I see them as like greedy relatives at a funeral!" added Brown

"Over the last decade or so many of those who are full of criticism now actually contributed to the downfall" "Others could have done something then or even recently"

"Instead they turn up at the funeral, shouting the odds and, seeing if they can get something out of the will"

Another area of the past that excites Steve is the comparisons made with the early days of the PDC. No less a figure than Phil Taylor made the comparison in response to the recent launch event, nicknamed 'The Dawn', saying that it reminded him of the events of 30 years ago when the PDC was founded.

Steve added:

" The PDC and SKY TV changed everyone's perspectives about what elite darts could offer. On a smaller scale, we have managed that with the JDC over the last decade."

"That is the thing that is the most fun for me about the business side of the sport. Changing perspectives lead to more opportunity and we are determined to provide that."

Other organisation both new and old remain in Steve's thoughts. The UKDA share positive relations and there is an ongoing process between the two organisations to ensure the best for all amateur players. UKDA seems focused on the County traditions and could dovetail nicely with the MAD system for individuals, regions, nations, and international play.

Meanwhile, the WDF, the amateur game's parent body internationally, has risen from its 2020 slumber and seems to be continuing the tried and tested path of hosting prestigious major events but under different auspices than the BDO.

Brown is determined to change minds and refocus amateur players and industry stakeholders alike. 

"We can't repeat the mistakes of the Christmases past and allow the amateur game to be run by amateur attitudes". 

The third and final part of our exclusive chat with the MADfather will look toward 'Christmas Future' and the year all round years ahead. Keep checking our social media and here at for more....


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