Carnage: A destructive gem of a dart

By AIM180 31/01/2021

AS product designers and testers, AIM, were delighted to see that Carnage had 'made the cut' for the latest Red Dragon catalogue (2021). The three dart range is another of the non-player backed gems that could go unseen. They are however a surprising, very high-quality, weapons-grade dart.

Brand/Maker: Red Dragon

Model Name: Carnage (22g) 

RRP: £48.90

Marks: 8.5/10

The Carnage range is something of an open secret within the Red Dragon range. With its 'coallike', shot-blasted finish it less flashy than many models and could easily be overlooked when flicking through their latest catalogue. A.I.M: only came across it while using them to test accessories. Our testers rated them so highly that we conducted full-scale test and review.

First Impressions:

The 22g (Spec 2) version we used features two sections of grip on its 50.8mm barrel. Above the stylish silver blank are seven narrow rings that feel slightly reverse cut to be grippy but not too aggressive for those who hold at the rear of the barrel. The lower section is milled and grooved both across and down the barrel, axially and radially. This creates a very precise grip that is totally reliable. In addition, it gives the dart a much slimmer feel than the 6.3mm that it measures. A rounded nose cone is perfect to ensure excellent grouping is possible.


Three testers used the Carnage dart for at least 60 legs in order to get a real feel for the plusses and minuses of the dart. Our 'Tour' player who holds the rear section was very impressed and found them to be at least as good as his signature dart. Our wristy player, who is very good in practice, was very surprised that he got on well with these, and felt very comfortable, despite an increase in weight and grip.

Carnage 'made the cut' for the 2021 catalogue. (above)

The best results, however, were from our good pub player who noticed an increase in confidence due to the improved grip. All three players liked the titanium PVD grip coating and were impressed with the feel of the dart.

Carnage seemed especially suited to players with a medium powered throw and an arc style. A little 'Bristowesque' or even Wayne Mardle style but they proved popular with all throwers.

Debbie Downers:

Only two slight negatives were reported, for those who hold the dart tightly the grip is too good and the black barrel and black point combination was too monotone for one tester. This would be easily corrected with a new point selection, either at the point of purchase or later.


The supplied package included the RD nylon tri-fold wallet, the best free included case out there, and a very nice setup of white Nitro stems (Medium) with Hardcore flights. A popular alternative was the shorter version of the same setup.

A.I.M: is currently conducting accessory tests so we will return to this later, but it is safe to say that the accessories at least match the quality of the barrels.


Carnage are a superb range with excellent grip and high-level functionality. The durability looks good as well. Our sets have had over 180 legs and look only slightly used. In the circa £50, non-player endorsed, market you will struggle to find a better dart. With three variations, and in six weights, you will easily find your preferred method of causing Carnage.



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