Darts World writer to be mental health ambassador

By Editorial Staff 25/05/2021

FOR years, Mental Health was very much a taboo subject with millions of people sadly suffering in silence.

Thanks to some fantastic charities who regularly campaign for awareness of the illness, those affected by the condition now have somewhere, and more importantly someone to turn to. We are encouraged to speak to friends, family and even strangers if the effects become too much.

For our Chief News Writer, Paul Woodage, it’s something extremely close to his heart. Only a couple of years ago, after battling clinical depression for many years triggered by online abuse, he attempted to take his own life. Thankfully Paul can now look back, grateful that he has walked many miles on the road to full recovery.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a recent heightened increase in racism, harassment and hate speech on social media. As well as the toxic individuals who use the likes of Twitter and Facebook as a platform to abuse others, the companies themselves must share a lot of the blame for allowing it to be done, usually from anonymous and unverified accounts.

Online bullying can, and often does lead to mental health illness and in extreme circumstances, suicide. Words and images can be incredibly harmful to those most vulnerable, the damage caused can be devastating and even fatal. 

Darts has it’s equal share of culprits, those who sadly enjoy causing another person immense misery. These people must be reported and blocked for the sake of someone’s mental health. It is imperative we look out for others and prevent the pain depression causes by cutting it off at the source.

Paul is proud to be the first ambassador of a new project launched this week on Twitter called ‘Mental Health in Darts’. A concept designed to encourage people within the sport we love to talk, prevention is key.

So please, if you or someone you care about has suffered or is sadly afflicted with mental health issues, follow @MentalDarts where their motto is simply “You Are Not Alone.”

Image: Mental Health in Darts



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