Double Deutch

By Elias Wilhelm 20/07/2020

IN Germany many tournaments were cancelled or postponed due to the spread of the Coronavirus, as was also the case in many other countries. The German Darts Association (DDV) even stopped the game operation completely and ended the season early.

But with a good organisation, and great care, PDC Europe has managed to run the Superleague and also find innovative ways to let fans experience darts up close again. The start of this year was one like never before. Strict regulations to control the spread of the virus also had a major impact on darts.

From the beginning of April, tournaments were cancelled almost daily. And all over the world. In Germany it was clear that the Superleague could not be finished normally. Only one tournament weekend of five has been played to date. PDC Europe worked on this for a few weeks and finally developed a concept for determining the World Championship participant. The government accepted it. Within four weeks, a total of 112 games were played. The top eight then competed in the playoff s the following weekend.

Nico Kurz prevailed against Kevin Münch, Gabriel Clemens, and Dragutin Horvat, thus securing the world championship ticket. The very strange conditions did not bother him.

The PDC Europe then made the so-called Drive-In Darts Gala possible, where a maximum of four people watched in more than 300 cars, such as Van Gerwen and Van Barneveld played on a big stage. The vehicles in the front rows were even washed by the two very personally with a lot of fun and joy.

Meanwhile, the DDV has completely cancelled the game operation. From April to August no tournaments have been played and will not be played. The new season is expected to start in September. Only one tournament with 29 players was organised over the Internet. That’s all. In addition, the DDV issued an explicit warning at the end of May to the clubs that had planned to start playing in their club pubs again. The difference between the two organisations is quite large.

PDC Europe was very innovative and with hard work managed to offer the players again the competition and the fans the entertainment, in contrast to the DDV, which went very carefully and slowly to the thing. But one thing is clear. Everybody wants to play darts again. Everybody wants to watch darts again.

It is not individual people or organisations who are responsible for this, but the government, which is responsible for the well-being of the country.

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