EXCLUSIVE: Fan hopes for swift return

By Paul Woodage 02/07/2021

Hong Kong’s Kai Fan Leung will miss the upcoming Super Series event in Coventry after returning a positive COVID-19 test.


The 37-year old broke the unfortunate news to fans earlier today. Speaking exclusively to Darts World, Kai explained: “I woke up last Sunday feeling awful, barely able to sleep and suffering headaches. 


“At first I thought it might be a touch of flu as my daughter had been sniffling over the weekend.


“So the following day, I decided to do a lateral home test and unfortunately it came up positive. Of course, there was the chance that it might not be totally accurate but within 24 hours of the result, I lost my sense of smell and taste. At that point, I knew it was definitely COVID.


“I made sure I kept away from my wife and daughter and stayed in a separate room from them both. Thankfully they tested negative.


“Then I rang my manager, Mark Dean to give him the news. The PDC required every UK based player to take a test on 1st July anyway but by then it was obvious I’d contracted the virus.


“Normally, I would have practiced at home or with Stephen Bunting at his place but because I’d had both vaccinations, I felt confident of being protected.


Unhappy with his performance last time out, he added: “At the last Super Series event in Milton Keynes, I was awful. So this time, I was determined to put in lots of practice and give myself the best opportunity in Coventry.


“I went down to the local Riley’s club in Liverpool and that is where I must have caught it. Had I of not been jabbed twice, I wouldn’t have gone. It’s frustrating as I’ve followed every single rule and guideline from the very start.


“I’m hoping the PDC will allow me to take part in the European qualifiers next Friday. It’s a separate event so if I return a negative test the day before, fingers crossed they’ll allow it.


“Of course, I need to see how my body condition is. If I’m too weak and not able to throw a dart properly, then even if the PDC say it’s ok, I won’t be going. But I really want to be there.


When asked how damaging this is to his hopes of retaining his tour card, Kai replied: “I will be staying in the UK for the foreseeable future regardless. 


“Right now, I don’t really want to think about that - but if the worst happens and I have to go to Q-School in January, then so be it. But that’s too far ahead at the moment to be concerned with.


“Bunting missed the World Grand Prix last year due to COVID then bounced back and reached the World Championship semi-finals. So I look at that as a great example of what can be achieved if I keep a positive mindset.”


Well let’s hope it’s a swift recovery for the Hong Kong man and he is back on the oche very soon.

Kai was speaking Darts World's lead news writer.
Lead Image: PDC



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