Favourite Weapons of Choice for 2021

By Editorial Staff 14/01/2021

Red Dragon concluded the 2021 launch season earlier this month. 2020 featured staggered product launches and player signings, 


1 Merv King (Winmau):

The popular, if unusual, King barrel has finally received a makeover and it seems to have been very successful. Adding cutting edge grip zones to a classic design could be a real game-changer. With Merv's recent form it appears that these are already beginning to 'walk the walk'. Even those who were no fans of ' The King', or his dart, have been intrigued and impressed. We hear rumour that other big-name players have also expressed more than a passing interest!

2 Peter Wright - World Champion Edition (Red Dragon):

The Welsh brand has added a whole new dimension to player’s darts here, not only are there a large number of different darts within Peter's range, but by reproducing the look and features of Peter’s dart, but on a totally different barrel design, with the 'torpedo' shape, a whole new group of players can try a dash of Snakebite sorcery.


3: Gabriel Clemens (Target)

Having snapped up the German Giant in a mid-year coup Target swiftly managed to get a signature dart in stores and it's likely there will be more very soon. Our testers rate this as a premium performance dart. Simple, sleek, and elegant. The impression of seamless transition with subtle but effective grip should see these prove very popular.


4: Scott Marsh (Quantum)

The up and coming darts brand has dipped a toe in the water of player darts with this hybrid style dart. Scott’s signature weapon has the feel of the Mike Gregory Unicorn dart while reminding us of the barrel type used by Tony David and Jelle Klaasen to great success. Quantum has previously supported mainly youth players so they must feel very confident in there


5: Joe Cullen (Winmau)

Joe’s new weapon is similar in basic style, to his previous signature barrel, but with innovative varied tapers. Combined with the new styling and multi-layered grip patterns it may well enable many more players to try this contemporary upgrade. We detect a note of real satisfaction and pride with this dart from those closely involved in its creation? The subtle variations are very interesting and may offer a guide to future manufacturing developments.

These are our current favourites from the last few weeks and months of launches and signings. Like all fans, we are sure to change or update our minds as we see more products in the flesh or get reports from our readers.


Coming soon will be our top 5 2021 barrels that don't carry a player name.



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