Fordham on his return to 'The Circus'

By Editorial Staff 12/06/2021

HE may be one of the darts' biggest names and most popular characters, but Andy Fordham has reason to be wary of returning to the Circus Tavern stage. World Seniors Darts inaugural World Championship in February 2022 will see The Viking return to the scene of one of his career's worst moments and the 59-year-old has been sharing his thoughts with Darts World.

After his hugely popular victory in the 2004 Lakeside World Championship, the Dartford man accepted a challenge to play reigning PDC World Champion Phil 'The Power' Taylor in a much anticipated 'battle of the codes'. But things did not go to plan for anyone involved.

The one-off event was promoted as "The Showdown" and covered live by Sky Sports. As the game got into it stride, with Taylor leading 5-2, Fordham became increasingly unwell and began struggling to breathe. A break was instituted after the seventh set and Andy tells us what happened next:

“But halfway into the match, it was clear I was physically struggling. The sheer heat from the lights on stage was absolutely draining the life out of me.


"Apparently, my eyes were becoming redder and redder as the game went on - they all said it was like watching a temperature gauge rising up.....My mate was backstage with me so I decided rather than wait for an ambulance, he could drive me to the hospital.."

Unfortunately, that night at the Circus Tavern was just a staging post along a tortuous route of health issues and personal trials that would have defeated many. Yet, the Viking has also had highlights since - the 2015 Grand Slam for one - and he goes on the tell Darts World of his plans to be ready for another trip to the Circus:

“I have to admit, it probably was one of the best atmospheres I have ever played in front of. That evening, the crowd in the Tavern was electric."

Issue 575 of Darts World will be hitting the doormat in a few weeks time and within its covers our own Paul Woodage explores the life and times of one of the most important and well-loved characters in darts. Don't miss this 'Norse legend' of a tale and its tempting postscript......

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