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By Joe Reid 30/06/2021

 "What's in Your Wallet?" With the local league and tournament darts on the horizon, many of us are beginning to dig out our darts cases, go to our preferred darts supplier, and begin to re-stock, ready for the new season. Here, I'll look at some of the must-have items to put in your case, to give you an edge in your next match.

S Graphic Designs - Pocket Darts Holder/Point Protector G2



I have long admired the work of Saulius Kazakauskas, and for me, his 'Pocket Darts Holder/Point Protector G2' may just be his greatest creation yet. Fixed on a pivot, point protector can be used as a stand, keeping your darts raised off of the table, away from the beer spills and endless assortment of used flights and split stems. The stand can then simply be folded down and placed inside your case, or used as a standard point protector for storage in a shirt pocket.


As the point protectors are 3D printed, you can choose from a vast array of colours and styles, as well as adding stickers containing logos and images to truly personalise your design. They also come fitted with a small metal hook with some thread, allowing the protector to be clipped to a carabiner for storage outside of your case.


Price - £3.50 (£1.00 extra for personalised stickers)
(Purchase from -


Various - Diamond Sharpening Pen



You may know these from Winmau's own diamond point sharpener,  A small, compact metal tube houses a double sided diamond grit knife, capable of roughing up darts points with ease. At just over 5 inches when closed, it'll easily fit into the side of your case.


Trusted by various professionals such as the 'Bully Boy' Michael Smith, this is a truly impressive piece of kit, and one I personally swear by. At around £7.00 from various eBay sellers, this is an absolute bargain, and one I recommend not missing out on. As well as online, most DIY shops, such as Wickes, will have them in stock.


Price - £6.00 to £15.00
(Purchase from -


Winmau - Darts Multi-Tool



In darts, you truly have to be prepared for everything. Whether you've snapped a stem, need to tighten a soft tip point, or just need to open a bottle - this tool has you covered! With thirteen - yes, THIRTEEN - different uses, all squeezed into a tool the size of a credit card, you'd be a fool not to add this to your darts case.


Regardless of what type of darts you play, whether steel-tip or soft-tip, this tool has multiple uses for you, and your team-mates. For just £4.90, directly from Winmau's sister company Red Dragon, it'd be rude not to add one to your next order!


Price - £4.90
(Purchase from - )


Bulls - Microfibre Darts Towel



Naturally, when you step up to the oche for the first time in over a year, some nerves could be present. Couple that with some mid-summers heat (if we're lucky), and you may quickly find you have sweaty hands, and so struggle to hold and grip your darts. Luckily for you, Bulls have released a microfiber towel, aimed at quickly and effectively drying your hands to allow for maximum grip.


Arriving in a mesh bag, this can be clipped to your case, rather than placed inside - however the towel itself will fold down for easy storage inside your case, should you prefer. Another product I have used many times, I highly recommend this if you play any stage matches, whether at county or various tournaments.


Price - £5.95
(Purchase from - )


L-Style - Moulded Dart Flight Case



While not *technically* something to go inside of your darts case, I felt this was a necessary inclusion to the list. If you've ever used hole-punched flights, you'll know how much of a pain it is to, when you damage a flight, open a new one and insert the ring into the gap. With the L-Style case, you are able to keep a set of readily assembled flights on hand, allowing for a quick change over when the time comes.


Even if you don't use hole-punched flights, having spare flights on standby is never a bad thing, saving you the embarrassment mid-game of fumbling about blindly in your case, looking for replacements. Ideal for standard, and moulded flights alike, and with a useful clip to attach to your case - it's as easy as that!


Price - £5.95
(Purchase from - )


So there we have it! Five must-have items for your darts case, ahead of the 2021/22 darts seasons commencing. Let me know through Twitter (@JoeReid180) if there is anything I've missed, and I'll perhaps make a 'Part  2' in the near future!




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