It's darts Jim, but not as we know it.

By AJ Urmston-Toft 26/08/2020

It darts Jim, but not as we know it.

Sunday was my 2nd “Normal” competition. Before all that, though let's go back to going into my 1st competition. it was weird going in, Yes I felt weird doing something I’ve done for years! I, like many of you, have been doing competition darts well, forever. So why is it weird now??? 

In Lockdown, I played in some online events, played the odd bit of soft tip too, to keep the arm going of course. However, going into my 1st comp back I felt so uncomfortable.  It's so strong to say you feel uncomfortable around people. We all have made major adjustments to our lives, so taken them first steps back was hard.

Second-guessing how to be around people, how are people gonna be around you? All these questions. So now we've got that over and done with, going into this competition at St Thomas' Club in Wigan I felt more relaxed and comfortable. Being with my Swinton teammates made it more relaxing. Oh, how I missed the bants!

It was a decent turn out not a lot of players but there were some big names and good strong local players, no easy games. Here were the groups:

GROUP 1...
Leon Chuffy Littler
Anthony Urmston-Toft
Darren Wheeldon
Nathan Care
Cole Davey

Stuart Stubbs
George Lynch
Zac Care
Rob Rickwood
Andrew Glover
Lisa Ashton

Mitchell Hazeldene
Eleanor Cairns
Luke Ferris
Grant Whittaker
Matthias Dietrich
Keaton Williams

Sean Bell
Bernard Maguire
Jimmy McKirdy
Lewy Williams
Rhys Griffin

Cameron Doyle
Kade Hodgson
Fred Couperthwaite
Bradley Brooks
Stuart Wilson

Cameron Hodgson
Daniel Halsall
Adam Halsall
Jo Kev Gk
Ben Adamson

Luke TheNuke Littler
Martin Atkins
Tony Bear Newell
Tony Procter
David Nicholson

Having won 4 of my 5 matches. Playing with comfort and playing well. I ran into an in-form Lewy Williams. It was a good game played in good spirits. Lewy won 4-1, I had my chances early on, but Lewy played solid darts.

Going into the last 16 was the following

Best of 7 legs
Stuart STUBBS SNR V Ben Adamson
Rob Rickwood V Adam Halsall
Rhys Griffin V Stuart Wilson
Grant Whittaker V Tony Procter
Lewy Williams V Anthony Urmston-Toft
Bradley Brooks V Stuart Stubbs
Jo Kev Gk V Luke Ferris
Luke TheNuke Littler V Lisa Ashton

Last 16
Stuart Stubbs SNR 4-3 Ben Adamson
Rob Rickwood 4-3 Adam Halsall
Rhys Griffin 3-4 Stuart Wilson
Grant Whittaker 4-2 Tony Procter
Lewy Williams 4-1 Anthony Urmston-Toft
Bradley Brooks 4-3 Stuart Stubbs Jnr
Jo Kev Gk 4-3 Luke Ferris
Luke TheNuke Littler 2-4 Lisa Ashton

Stuart Stubbs SNR 0-4 Rob Rickwood
Stuart Wilson 4-2 Grant Whittaker
Lewy Williams 4-2 Brad Brooks
Kev Garcia 4-1 Lisa Ashton

Rob Rickwood 5-2 Stuart Wilson
Lewy Williams 5-3 Kev Garcia

Rob Rickwood 3-6 Lewy Williams

Again another great day here with some superb darts thrown all day.  

All credit must go to Alan Hodgson, during lockdown he was organising loads of events getting players playing, and in this post lockdown environment, he has been the one in the northwest, getting players back out playing. He has been making sure events are safe, with all precautions being made so we, the players enjoy playing darts in a safe and comfortable surrounding.

Please check for up to date listings of competitions. you can also check on the Facebook page, Fataldart promotions darts.

For me, I’m back on practicing and looking forward to the next one!

Take care, be safe




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