Kent Youth return to action with win over Oxfordshire

By Yvonne McCarthy 27/09/2021

So after around twenty months of not playing the guys were ready to take to the Oxfordshire stage some with nerves but most with confidence and excitement, and taking on the role of manager I too was a little nervous for them haha, but more than confident in the squad's ability:

Oxfordshire v Kent  September 2021

First, for the u18s was debutant Shane Weeks showing great composer on the stage winning 3-0 with a 19.27avg, second up for Kent was another new name to Kent Hayden Robbie just losing out 3-2 with a 19.11avg and a great 120 out to take it 2all , 3rd out was Ed Dunham showing great composer on stage taking the win 3-1with a 17.65avg. 4th out another new signing was Seth Stevens going to nil down to fight back to 2 all and also just missing out on the win by 1 dart losing 3-2 and a 15.72avg. 5th out for Kent was new u18 captain Oliver Dunham and showed why he was skipper taking M.O.M. with a 3 nil win and a 20.04 avg . Up 6th was Jack Peacock taking to the stage like he had been there all his life winning 3-0 even though he had a 14.84 avg that will just get better.  Last out for the u18s was another lad that was unfortunate to lose 3-0 that was closer than the score suggest was Kurtis Hollyhock with a 18.71 avg but he and Jack had the points secured as Oxfordshire had only 5 players for the u18s so the result was 5-2 to Kent. 

The girls 

It was a shame that we hit a date when 2 of our girls where working which left us with a young lady called Maddison-Niamh Hawkins (granddaughter of Sam Hawkins) who had only been playing a few weeks she went up there and gave it all she could and smiling all the way through unfortunately losing both her games I say both as there only 2 girls from our opponents so girls results were 2-1to Oxfordshire. 

We had a reserve game for Jack Johson and his first three practice darts was a 180 and unfortunately didn't help him in his game but was a total natural on the stage showing us why he should be up there just losing out 3-2. 

First out for out u21s was skipper Fred Box taking the win 3-0 with another 120 out of the day. 2nd for Kent was new lad Nathan Lloyd I think the nerves got the better of him as he just couldn't settle down hitting a 19.37 losing 3-0. Next was another new lad Shane Bushell with the doubles not going as they should Shane won 3-0 with a 14.14 avg .

Out 4th M.O.M. Billy Bristow with a great show of darts hitting a 26.84avg wining 3-0 last but not least was Tom Davison who put up a great performance and lost out 3-2 with a 19.72avg but had the point as Oxfordshire only had 4players so the final result for Kent was 10-5 next month Surrey away.  Onwards and upwards .


An overall result of Oxfordshire 6 Kent 9.


Lead Image: Kent Darts



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