Live League:Tricole leads off Champions Week

By Joe Williams 07/12/2021

Thibault Tricole took the early lead on Monday, in ending Day 1 of Group A, top, after winning four of his five matches, with Champions Week of Phase 6 commencing at the Online Darts Live League.


Tricole, who entered Champions Week having finished runner up in Week 4, won four of his five matches to take the early lead in Group A, after recording victories over Jose Justicia, Connor Scutt, Robert Owen and Matt Campbell, with his only defeat coming against Brian Raman in his opening game of the day. 


Elsewhere, Matt Campbell and Brian Raman ended the day 2nd and 3rd respectively on 6 points, with Robert Owen and Jose Justicia ending on 4 points each, as Connor Scutt finished bottom on 2 points. 


Online Darts Live League continues on Tuesday with the six players returning, hoping to boost their chances of securing a place in Saturday’s Finale, with Tricole leading the way thus far. Play will begin at 9:30 GMT and will be streamed live on Online Darts TV YouTube channel or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.


Online Darts Live League Champions Week

Group A Day 1- Monday 6th December

Brian Raman 4-3 Thibault Tricole

Matt Campbell 4-1 Connor Scutt

Robert Owen 4-3 Jose Justicia

Matt Campbell 4-2 Brian Raman 

Thibault Tricole 4-0 Jose Justicia

Robert Owen 4-3 Connor Scutt

Brian Raman 4-2 Jose Justicia

Matt Campbell 4-3 Robert Owen

Thibault Tricole 4-1 Connor Scutt

Jose Justicia 4-3 Matt Campbell

Connor Scutt 4-2 Brian Raman 

Thibault Tricole 4-1 Robert Owen

Jose Justicia 4-2 Connor Scutt

Thibault Tricole 4-1 Matt Campbell

Brian Raman 4-3 Robert Owen



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