By JR Lott 26/05/2021

MAD are proud to announce the Inaugural Amateur World Championships in December 2022. The nascent Amateur drats organization has made huge strides in the last few months and has now launched its own version of the World Championship for amateur players.

MAD are clearly seeking to restore the tag of the Proud Amateur player and this may event well go a long way towards it. The event is a huge step towards differentiating between Professional world champions & proud Amateur world champions.

MAD already has the backing of international organisations and will seek relationships with all leading organisations globally. Where those relationships are not favourable MAD will seek to work with regional organisations and driven individuals in that territory.

Details of a new venue, production, formats and prize funds will be released in due course as negotiations are on going. 

The current MAD world championship title ( or Belt) currently held by Wayne Warren will be renamed as the MAD Global championship title (Belt) after the Contender Series in July.

You can keep upto date on all developments on the MAD world championships via our website MADdarts.TV 

Image: MAD



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