MODUS Live League: Barstow leads table

By Joe Williams 16/09/2021

Robert Owen and Chas Barstow took the early lead on Thursday in ending Day 1 of their respective groups, top, as they look to join Kevin Burness in the Saturday’s Champions Week finale at the Online Darts Live League. 

Owen, who entered Group C having finished 5th in Group A earlier in the week, won three of his five matches to end the day top, as he recorded victories over Martin Adams, Johnny Haines and Connor Scutt, with his two defeats coming against Rob Collins and Chris Gilliland. 

Elsewhere, three players in Johnny Haines, Connor Scutt and Rob Collins all ended the day with 6 points each, but all finished Owen on leg difference, with Haines finishing 2nd with a higher leg difference between the trio, as Chris Gilliland ended with 4 points and Martin Adams on 2 points. 

In Group B, it was Chas Barstow who ended the day top, as he completed a clean sweep with four wins from four, in recording victories over Richie Burnett, Gary Stone, Nick Fulwell and Jarred Cole. 

Elsewhere, Richie Burnett ended the night in 2nd on 6 points, Jarred Cole in 3rd on 4 points, Gary Stone in 4th on 2 points and Nick Fullwell bottom as he suffered a winless run with four defeats from four. 

Online Darts Live League continues on Friday with players continuing to battle out as they aim to join Kevin Burness in Saturday’s finale, with Owen and Barstow taking the early lead thus far. Group C will commence from 9:30am BST and Group B will commence from 10pm BST. Play will be streamed live on Online Darts TV YouTube channel or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.

Online Darts Live League Champions Week
Group C Day 1- Thursday 16th September
Connor Scutt 4-2 Chris Gilliland 
Johnny Haines 4-3 Rob Collins 
Robert Owen 4-2 Martin Adams
Connor Scutt 4-1 Rob Collins
Chris Gilliland 4-0 Martin Adams 
Robert Owen 4-0 Johnny Haines 
Martin Adams 4-3 Connor Scutt 
Rob Collins 4-3 Robert Owen
Johnny Haines 4-0 Chris Gilliland 
Rob Collins 4-2 Martin Adams 
Connor Scutt 4-3 Johnny Haines 
Chris Gilliland 4-2 Robert Owen 
Johnny Haines 4-0 Martin Adams
Rob Collins 4-3 Chris Gilliland 
Robert Owen 4-1 Connor Scutt 

Group B Day 1
Jarred Cole 4-2 Nick Fullwell
Chas Barstow 4-2 Richie Burnett
Jarred Cole 4-3 Gary Stone
Richie Burnett 4-3 Nick Fullwell
Chas Barstow 4-2 Gary Stone
Richie Burnett 4-3 Jarred Cole
Chas Barstow 4-2 Nick Fullwell
Richie Burnett 4-3 Gary Stone
Chas Barstow 4-1 Jarred Cole
Gary Stone 4-3 Nick Fullwell



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