Modus Live League: Wizard's stunning spell

By Joe Williams 02/04/2021

Darts World contributor Colin, The Wizard, Osborne produced a stunning day of darts to claim his place in tomorrow's final group. A mix of high scoring, impressive finishing and even a 'big fish' 170 checkout served as a reminder of the Middlesborough man's pedigree.

Ben Hazel, James Richardson and Lee Cocks all joined Osborne in booking their places in Saturday’s Final Group at the Modus Online Live League, after coming through their respective groups to join Mike Warburton, the winner of Group A earlier in the week.


Osborne completed a clean sweep to end Group B, top of the table, after recording wins over Andy Jenkins, Josh McCarthy, Ben Hazel, Josh Richardson and Keelan Kay respectively, dropping just 10 legs along the way to make it nine wins from ten, going into Saturday’s finale. Ben Hazel booked his place in Saturday’s finale, after winning four of his five matches on Friday, and finished 2nd overall on 12 points, denying Andy Jenkins and Josh McCarthy, who ended on 10 points. 


In Group C, it was Nine Dart Star from earlier in the week, James Richardson, who finished top of the table, ahead of Lee Cocks, after winning three of his four matches on Friday after recording wins over Cocks, Corrine Hammond and Fallon Sherrock, with his only defeat coming against Matthew Dennant, in his final game of the night. Lee Cocks secured his place in Saturday Finale after also finishing on 12 points overall, but behind Richardson on leg difference, as he also won three of his four matches on Friday Evening. Matthew Dennant ended in 3rd on 8 points overall, with the lady's duo of Fallon Sherrock and Corrine Hammond, finishing joint 4th on 4 points. 


Modus Online Live League continues on Saturday with the conclusion of Week 3 with the five players battling, it out for the title, with play commencing from 9:30pm GMT. Play will be streamed live on Online Darts TV YouTube channel or via various bookmaker’ websites worldwide.


Modus Online Live League

Group B- Friday 2nd April

Josh Richardson 4-2 Josh McCarthy

Ben Hazel 4-2 Keelan Kay 

Colin Osborne 4-0 Andy Jenkins

Ben Hazel 4-3 Josh Richardson 

Colin Osborne 4-3 Josh McCarthy

Keelan Kay 4-3 Andy Jenkins 

Colin Osborne 4-3 Ben Hazel 

Keelan Kay 4-3 Josh Richardson 

Josh McCarthy 4-2 Andy Jenkins

Colin Osborne 4-1 Josh Richardson 

Ben Hazel 4-3 Andy Jenkins

Josh McCarthy 4-2 Keelan Kay 

Andy Jenkins 4-2 Josh Richardson 

Colin Osborne 4-3 Keelan Kay 

Ben Hazel 4-2 Josh McCarthy 


Group C 

Lee Cocks 4-3 Fallon Sherrock 

James Richardson 4-1 Corrine Hammond 

Matthew Dennant 4-2 Fallon Sherrock 

James Richardson 4-2 Lee Cocks 

Corrine Hammond 4-3 Matthew Dennant 

James Richardson 4-1 Fallon Sherrock 

Lee Cocks 4-2 Matthew Dennant 

Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Corrine Hammond

Matthew Dennant 4-3 James Richardson

Lee Cocks 4-0 Corrine Hammond



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