No more 'Code Wars'

By Alan Towe 16/07/2021

Darts World was sad to learn recently that some of darts’ worst habits had threatened to raise their ugly heads once again. Organisations threaten promoters that if they do not stage their events, even if deliberately clashed with others, there will be consequences and old difficulties between National and regional organisations begin to bubble up.

It is for that reason that we commend the following from Jonny Stefano of the UKDA:

“We are also conscious that by playing within the old BICC system and the BDO you the player had a clear pathway to move from ‘pub to cap or ‘pub to pro’. We believe we have a duty to ensure every player has an opportunity to develop to achieve their own personal ambitions. Whatever system you feel that your opportunities lie within, it’s all about choices. The UKDA will not put any barriers in place to prevent anyone from following whatever path they want to follow.

Some of those pathways are led by other organisations. Our International pathways are governed by the England Darts Organisation (EDO), Welsh Darts Organisation (WDO) and in Scotland, you have the Scottish Darts Association (SDA). It is our intention to support each of these organisations in any way we can to ensure that if you are good enough that your route to, what should be the proudest moment in a darts player’s career, representing your Country is clear and fair.

For those whose ambitions lie outside of the team game there are the opportunities to play on the darts circuits provided by the WDF, the PDC and now through MAD darts. We fully support any individual wishing to follow any or all these pathways and again we will work with each external organisation in any way we can to ensure that there are no barriers within the UKDA to stop this from happening.”

We sincerely hope that these words are implemented and that all organisations conduct themselves in such a spirit.

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