Polly James: Do they want people to be abused?

By Polly James 19/02/2021

SURELY it’s now time for the social media giants to finally get a grip of online abuse. Nearly every day of the week now we see vile comments, racism, and sexism on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Yet somehow it still goes on without any proper punishment. We’ve seen it most recently with Marcus Rashford receiving online racism, he’s called it out once again.

But so many times high profile celebs have outed the abuse and nothing is done about it. What shocked me recently was that I was on the receiving end of really nasty comments and I didn’t even provoke it. I simply said on Twitter that I felt sorry for Rob Cross. I got a DM calling me every name under the sun, none of which printable in this magazine that’s for sure.

As well as the players, I’ve also noticed that women in sport get a lot of sexist comments because we dare to have an opinion or even a love for sport. For some reason, some men believe that we don’t have any place in sport.

Of course that is absolute nonsense and hugely discriminating. Karen Carney received so much abuse online from Leeds fans following her punditry on BT Sport. In darts the role and support of women has been a massive bonus over the past couple of years especially. The brilliant results for the likes of Fallon Sherrock, Lisa Ashton, Mikuru Suzuki and Deta Hedman have shown that there’s no reason why women can’t compete with and beat men. But we’ve also seen a fantastic influx of women on TV.

The outstanding Jacqui Oatley presenting the ITV coverage, Laura Woods, Emma Paton, Mikki Austin, and Laura Turner on Sky Sports. What is so dreadful is that I know all of those presenters have received sexist remarks on social media. It needs to stop. But it’s up to social media firms to make it compulsory to have ID when anyone creates an account.

Just like your car registration, so if you commit an offence, you can be identified and dealt with. It’s so blindingly obvious and such a simple solution. It makes you wonder why it hasn’t been enforced yet. Or do they want people to be abused?...........


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