Q School 2021: Danny bags final stage spot

By Joe Williams 14/02/2021

The final eight automatic places for Stage two of Q School were given out on Saturday, with the complete fields in both Milton Keynes and Niedernhausen confirmed as a further 79 players across both Q Schools secured their place via their respective order of merits.

Saturday was the final chance for players in Stage 1B to secure their place in the final stage of Q School, which begins on Sunday and runs through till the 17th February with 29 tour cards up for grabs.

UK Q School

Danny Baggish, Jarred Cole, Lee Evans, and Liam Gallagher all claimed the final four automatic places for Stage two of UK Q School, as they came through a field of 152 players in Milton Keynes.

American Star, Baggish, who had lost out at the first hurdle in the first two days and needed to go all the way on the last day which he did, and won five matches on route to securing his place in the final stage with wins over Ronnie Rickner, Steven Bradley, Ryan Harrington, Lee Cocks, and Reece Colley, dropping just eight legs along the way.

Cole, who narrowly missed out on a tour card last year, also had to win five matches on the day as he recorded wins over Janis Mustafejevs, Kieran Evans, Nick Fullwell, Shane O’Connor, and Martyn Turner, respectively. Evans, a former tour cardholder, continued his quest to gain it back as he recorded wins over Rhys Flynn, Darren Johnson, Michael Baker, Lewis Pride, and reigning World Masters Champion, John O’Shea in the decider. Gallagher, who was a runner-up in the 2019 Tom Kirby Memorial Final as he lost to Keane Barry, secured his place by defeating Diogo Portela, Robert Owen, Scott Ridler, Sean Fisher, and Jock Watt, respectively.

Elsewhere, among the UK order of merit qualifiers were high profile names in John O’Shea and Andy Jenkins as well as former Tour Card Holders in Darren Johnson, Prakash Jiwa, Nick Fullwell, Ryan Harrington, and Aden Kirk. Names to miss out on included Darts World contributor Colin Osborne, Stephen Burton, and Diogo Portela.

European Q School

Leonard Gates, Dragutin Horvat, Stefan Nilles and Kay Smeets came through a field of 88 players in Niedernhausen to secure their place in Stage two of Q School.

America’s Gates came into the final day having picked up 0 points from the opening two days and needed a big run on the final day in the hope of keeping his tour card hopes alive. He did so by coming through five matches and dropping just three legs along the way with wins over Nic Mueller, Marcel Notzon, Willem Mandigers, Martijn Dragt and Sergio Krassen 6-0 in the decider.

Germany’s Horvat also secured his place in coming through five matches with wins over David Rosi, Daniel Klas and Kevin Costantini but then recorded impressive wins over Christian Kist and Matt Campbell respectively in his final two matches to secure qualification. Horvat’s fellow German, Nilles, also came through five matches with wins over Fetih Kaya, Kevin Blomme, Erik Meulenmeesters, Stefan Bellmont and Gino Vos in the decider. Dutchman Smeets secured his place after coming through five matches with wins over Alexander Draisbach, Fabian Maier, Maikel Venema, Marcel Gerdon and Robbie Knops, respectively.

Q School continues on Sunday with the start of Stage Two with players who lost their tour cards at the end of 2020 as well as players who finished in the top 16 of the 2020 Challenge Tour Order of Merit entering the fray, alongside players who secured automatic places and order of merit spots in Stage 1A and 1B. All live scores and results can be viewed at tv.dartconnect.com.

UK Q School
Last 16
Lee Evans 6-0 Lewis Pride
John O’Shea 6-5 Prakash Jiwa
Jock Watt 6-4 Ryan Palmer
Liam Gallagher 6-4 Sean Fisher
Martyn Turner 6-1 Adam Mould
Jarred Cole 6-2 Shane O’Connor
Danny Baggish 6-3 Lee Cocks
Reece Colley 6-1 Kevin Garcia

Quarter Finals
Lee Evans 6-5 John O’Shea
Liam Gallagher 6-2 Jock Watt
Jarred Cole 6-3 Martyn Turner
Danny Baggish 6-1 Reece Colley

European Q School
Last 16
Leonard Gates 6-1 Martijn Dragt
Sergio Krassen 6-3 Michal Smejda
Dragutin Horvat 6-5 Christian Kist
Matt Campbell 6-3 Arjan Konterman
Gino Vos 6-1 Michael Seemann
Stefan Nilles 6-3 Stefan Bellmont
Robbie Knops 6-4 Luc Peters
Kay Smeets 6-2 Marcel Gerdon

Quarter Finals
Leonard Gates 6-0 Sergio Krassen

Dragutin Horvat 6-3 Matt Campbell
Stefan Nilles 6-3 Gino Vos
Kay Smeets 6-4 Robbie Knops

Featured image: L Lustig/PDC


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