Q School 2021: Flash back

By Joe Williams 12/02/2021

AN additional players secured their place in the final stage of Q School on Friday, including former World Championship finalist Mark Dudbridge, on the penultimate day of Stage One phase before the start of Stage Two on Sunday. 


Thursday saw the start of Stage 1B, following the conclusion of Stage 1A on Wednesday where a total of 103 places were given out across two Q Schools for the final stage with the same occurrence happening by the end of Saturday’s play when Stage 1B will come to an end. 


UK Q School 


Mark Dudbridge was joined by Jason Askew, Paul Holloway and Martin Heneghan in securing their place in the final stage of Q School on Friday, after coming through a field of 160 players in Milton Keynes. 


2005 World Championship Runner-up, Dudbridge, came narrowly close to securing an automatic place on Thursday as he lost out in the Last 16. But went two steps further on Friday in coming through six matches with wins over Adam Jenkinson, Dan Green, Shaun Matthews, Derek Lumley, John O’Shea, and a whitewash win over Rhys Davies in the decider to move one step closer to regaining his PDC Tour Card. 


Askew, who featured in last year’s Modus Live League during the pandemic, also came through six matches in securing qualification with wins over Suzanne Smith, Graham Vernon, Aden Kirk, Ben Cheeseman, Brian Hallas, and Jarred Cole in the decider. Holloway also secured his place in the final stage by winning six matches, with victories over Carter Guiney, Freddy Still, Steven Bradley, Adam Mould and ended with back to back wins over former Tour Card Holders in Lee Evans and Darren Johnson. Irishman Heneghan only had to come through five matches on the day with wins over Ian Lever, Ian Jopling, Jake Jones, Andy Jenkins, and Kyle Richardson in the decider, of which he recorded his lowest average of the day’s play of which was 80.5. 


Elsewhere, big names such as Andy Jenkins, Alan Norris, Robert Owen and Diogo Portela are in pole position of securing their place in the final stage via the order of merit, unless they come through automatically on Saturday. There will be a huge day for the likes of American Duo, Danny Baggish and Daniel Lauby as well as Russia’s Anastasia Dobromyslova with them all sitting outside the qualifying places and need big runs in the hope of keeping their dreams alive of winning a Tour Card. 


European Q School  


Ronny Huybrechts, Jose Justicia, Florian Hempel and Davyd Venken all secured their places in the final stage of Q School, after coming through a field of just 106 players in Niedernhausen. 


2013 World Cup of Darts Runner Up, Huybrechts, continued his quest to regaining his tour card after coming through five matches on the day and dropping just four legs on route with wins over Christopher Lindl, Hatman Karaca, Dominique Goldberg, Gino Vos, and Marcel Gerdon, with four of his five wins being won without dropping a single leg. 


Former Tour Card Holder, Justicia, who is well-known for his incident with Adrian Lewis a few years ago at a Pro Tour event, secured his place after just coming through four matches with wins over Alexander Draisbach, Joey de Jong, Jimmy Hendriks, and Daniele Petri with the Spanish Ace moving one step closer to regaining his tour card, after dropping off the tour at the end of 2019. 


Germany’s Hempel secured his place after coming through five matches with wins over Michal Smeida, Mirko Muhlheim, Jandirk de Groot, Veijo Viinikka and 2012 BDO World Champion Christian Kist in his decider. Venken, who narrowly missed out on securing an automatic place on Day 1 of Stage 1B after losing to Gary Mawson in the final round, made amends by coming through four matches with wins over Joel Breitenmoser, Christian Jentschke, Robbie Knops and the highly rated, Matt Campbell in the decider, with an impressive 6-1 victory for the Belgian.  


Stage 1B of Q School concludes on Saturday with the confirmed fields for the final stage of Q School in Milton Keynes and Niedernhausen to be confirmed with a further 8 automatic places up for grabs with 36 order of merit places for the UK and 43 in Europe. Play will begin at 12:00 GMT in Milton Keynes with play beginning at an earlier time of 11:00 GMT (12:00 Local Time) in Niedernhausen. All live scores and results can be viewed at tv.dartconnect.com. 


UK Q School 

Last 16 

Mark Dudbridge 6-2 John O’Shea

Rhys Davies 6-5 Jamie Clark 

Paul Holloway 6-3 Lee Evans 

Darren Johnson 6-2 Lee Cocks 

Martin Heneghan 6-1 Andy Jenkins

Kyle Richardson 6-5 Thomas Lovely

Jason Askew 6-0 Brian Hallas

Jarred Cole 6-2 Adrian Devine


Quarter Finals

Mark Dudbridge 6-0 Rhys Davies

Paul Holloway 6-4 Darren Johnson 

Martin Heneghan 6-1 Kyle Richardson 

Jason Askew 6-2 Jarred Cole


European Q School 

Last 16 

Matt Campbell 6-3 Stefan Bellmont 

Davyd Venken 6-3 Robbie Knops

Florian Hempel 6-1 Veijo Viinikka 

Christian Kist 6-2 Lauren Toussaint 

Jose Justicia 6-5 Jimmy Hendriks

Daniele Petri 6-2 Maikel Venema 

Marcel Gerdon 6-2 Willem Mandigers 

Ronny Huybrechts 6-4 Gino Vos


Quarter Finals 

Davyd Venken 6-1 Matt Campbell 

Florian Hempel 6-4 Christian Kist

Jose Justicia 6-3 Daniele Petri 

Ronny Huybrechts 6-0 Marcel Gerdon 



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