Rave reviews for rainbow Raptors

By AIM180 19/01/2021

RAPTOR points are one of the highest-rated products our testers have reviewed. The latest Red Dragon point innovations (and options) are a clear exception to the opinion that "there have been few genuine innovations since tungsten". The original 2019 product was superb and had only two minor downsides. With the addition of colour options the Welsh innovators may have solved them:

Product – Raptor GT (Points)

Brand – Red Dragon

RRP – £8.90

Dimensions – 33mm (28mm exposed)

Features – Collared, Grooved & Barbed


We have been conducting extensive tests on the various types of points on the market. Collared, coloured, grooved, coated and almost every other option available are being put through their paces.

Some things became obvious early on in the testing, one is that Raptor GT from RedDragon is an exceptional product.

First Impressions:

These points don’t come with flash packaging or attached to their own range of darts. However, it is immediately noticeable that they are unusual. They are striking in design and appear very well made indeed. They are 33mm long with 28mm exposed after fitting. The point is collared in style (to eliminate join between point & barrel) and there are 4 grooves, from the collar downward, that allow for exact finger placement/grip. The lower section is slim and sharply tapered, for good board penetration and there is a small (2mm) barb for both finger feeling and board retention.


We fitted Raptor points into three different brands and styles of darts. They fitted easily and snuggly into all three with no complications.

Grooved Section: 

Raptor’s grooves, barb, and slim lower section all proved very popular. The grooves worked excellently for those who like to feel their finger in the same place but not to slip during delivery.

Lower (Smooth) Section: 

Testing showed that this penetrated the board well and was a good alternative resting point for those who like their finger on a smooth area.

Point Barb: 

Very unusually Raptor has a small barb at the very tip of the point. This proved excellent in improving board retention, even the gentlest thrower had full confidence that their dart would stay in place. In addition, it proved very useful with those who naturally rest their finger at the point, Dennis Priestley style, for control.


The Raptor seems to have overcome one of the problems of newer complex points. Despite heavy usage, and a few drops, we have not broken one yet! One of four testers have been using a set daily for over two years and reports almost no noticeable change

Tester Quotes:

  • “Brilliant, much stiffer than my current collared point” – (Serious Amateur)

  • “Nice and not all flashy” – (Elite level player)

  • “All round winner” – (Coach)

Debbie Downers: 

The main recorded downside was that they seem to be only available in this length and colour. At least one more player would move to them if different (external) options were provided and 'Coach' has always advocated a color contrast to aid visibility. Raptors can increase wear on your board, especially if it's of the softer variety, so a little care in removing them from the board is recommended. However, this is more than compensated for by the benefits, they are a product for gaining an additional advantage or improvement not merely looking impressive.

The SnapShot: 

First impressions, and initial testing, reveal raptor to be an exceptional product that raises the bar for modern points. The problems of over flexibility, breakability, and clumsiness that affect some complex, or collared, points are solved in one go. Now that options (Silver or Rainbow) have been added they should tempt any serious player. Red Dragon has produced a superb product and the fact that it can be added, at the point of purchase, to a huge range of darts, is a boon.

Marks: 9.5!


Feature Pic: Red Dragon 
Additional pic: AIM:180 ltd.


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