Round the clock darts?

By CJ Harris-Hulme 15/01/2021

Fataldarts are launching a series of rolling online darts opens in the coming weeks. The new format will see new competitions start every couple of hours in order to keep those at home interested and with something to look forward to.

Although online darts in general and specifically online competitions have proven popular and successful. The provision of competitive activity for dart players across the UK has helped the amateur players to keep annoying their darts and professional players to stay sharp and find quality practice. Players such as Simon Whitlock and Danny Baggish have clearly benefitted from such activity and we hope others manage to do so during this latest period of confinement.

Possibly the only drawback to such events is the inactivity between events, especially if you have lost in the early rounds. Fatal darts are looking to solve this problem.

As the flyer above shows they are offering back to back events with only a couple of hours between them. With entry at £6, players can pick and choose how many and which ones suit them.

Moves are afoot for the concept to be rolled out on a much bigger scale, subject to its success. Who knows we may even witness 24/7 darts a possible upside of the dreadful recent events.



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