Steve Feeney: Price Positive

By Steve Feeney 20/05/2021

THE upcoming busy spell in professional darts will be a boon to all those who love the game. Fams will be back, iconic venues restored and players, promoters, and organisations will all be delighted to return to action. Keenest amongst them will surely be World Champion Gerwyn Price?

In his regular contribution to Darts World magazine, Steve Feeney focused on some of the positives sides of Gerwyns enforced layoff. With much of the next few months being based in the UK could we see The Iceman return with a blast:

The Crucible is the ancestral home of World Snooker, but it is also a very apt term for darts’ Premier League. The multi-week clash of the game’s elite can be a demanding and draining experience for any player. As the experience of Glen Durrant shows, past performances mean nothing and these guys will exploit any chink of weakness in your armoury.


So despite being deeply upset and disappointed at having to miss out on his first Premier League as World Champion, Gerwyn Price could take some positives - no pun intended - from his Covid-induced sabbatical. 


It is very rare for a professional sportsman, at the top of his/her game, to have several weeks of substantially reduced activity. Indeed, we often hear complaints that not enough rest is permitted in the modern sports calendar. For Gerwyn, it may allow time for his new position to sink in and for him to think about how best to deal with, and maintain, that position. 


The enforced break might allow experimentation with new equipment, new practice regimes or simply some quality time with family and friends, regulations permitting obviously. Thought might also be paid to the likelihood of returning crowds and the changes that will be wrought on him by the increased media demands and such like.


Gerwyn is fortunate enough to have come from a professional sports background and his rugby playing past may well stand him in good stead. He has transferred his playing skills remarkably well and it may now be time to draw on the experience of others in dealing with success and disappointment in other fields.


The Iceman certainly made the re-jigged playing timetable work to his advantage in 2020. Could he maximise the positives again?


For Darts World’s next issue we’re going to look at some of the less conventional techniques that are an oche success. How on earth do they throw like that, and why does it work?


A version of this article appeared in darts World World magazine (574):
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Steve Feeney has coached elite professionals in both darts and snooker. He also heads the Sight Right Global Coaching Network at

In article image: Darts World magazine


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