Super 16: New JDC Championship with Masters final

By CJ Harris-Hulme 22/01/2021

JUNIOR darts has taken perhaps the worst hit in our sport over the past year, but, its main organising body, the Junior Darts Corporation (JDC) is making valiant attempts to minimize the impact upon players and provide opportunity wherever possible. Their latest event could be the best of the lot.

The SUPER 16 will see separate boys and girls events take place in every one of the UK 'Super Regions' with the prize pool will be exactly the same for both events. The winners of each event will then playoff for the overall regional qualification to the SUPER 16 finals. 

The SUPER 16 qualifiers will take place across the UK  throughout  2021 with the finals event being a separate event, possibly within a larger 'festival of darts' type weekend. Every JDC member will get the opportunity to take on their local rivals and claim bragging rights for their region as well as their ticket to the finals.

JDC Chairman Steve Brown is especially pleased with this new event:

"The SUPER 16 is extra pleasing for all of us, the fact that the Grand Final will definitely feature a girl, and will be showcased in such a major way, is SUPER exciting"

"Using the Super Regions gives the event some great advantages, especially this year, there will be less travel, and more organizer flexibility will minimise the effect of Covid regulations including the variable 'Tiers' system". 

The finals event will be streamed or broadcast in order to give the players maximum experience and showcase the talent within the junior game. In some ways, the event could be described as the ultimate boys vs girls challenge! Two players will be left standing and will compete for the inaugural SUPER 16 title.

The first SUPER 16 final will be held on stage during the PDC Masters (2022) giving two youngsters the chance to experience the full TV tournament atmosphere and show their talent to the watching world.

Steve added: "Having the final on stage at a PDC TV event, of the stature of The Masters, is a fantastic advert for the junior game and the sport in general"

" We at the JDC do as much as possible to lower barriers to entry for players to take part and maximise the experience and enjoyment their talents and hard work deserve. The SUPER 16 does both, in spades"

Full credit should be given to both Steve and Darren at the JDC and all those who have kept things going and looked after their members during the trials and tribulations of 2020 and into 2021. It is to hoped that the SUPER 16 signals the start of at least a path toward normalcy.

Congratulations on your efforts JDC team!

Look out for updates, entry details, and more information via our Darts World or JDC online or via social media.

May the best girl (or boy) win!




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