Talking Points: Compulsory attendance for Pro Tour events

By Editorial Staff 25/02/2021

AS the first PDC Super Series of the year gets underway in Bolton, there have already been a number of players who have decided not to attend for various personal reasons. This has caused much discussion on social media platforms and divided opinion.

Many have been supportive to the various predicaments of players yet others have been critical citing that it is a professional tour and every effort must be made.

It was also suggested that any players attending Q-School with a view to acquiring a two year tour card should be aware of the requirements of a professional dart player. Therefore only undertake the path to qualification if they are able to fully commit.

On the flip side, it’s apparent that it’s not always financially viable for all tour-card holders to play on the circuit. Without sponsorship, players are reliant on self-funding and with most having full-time jobs, booking ample amounts of time off isn’t always permitted with some employees. So should they only be there if they can afford to be - is lack of funds a legitimate reason for non-attendance?

Now everyone is sympathetic of illness, bereavement, parental issues, and in the current climate, travel restrictions in place. But the argument has been made that the PDC should enforce a required minimum attendance record for those unaffected by the aforementioned circumstances? Then if a prerequisite percentage isn’t fulfilled after twelve months the player forfeits their tour card for the second year?

Is it unfair to players who didn’t qualify yet were prepared to fully commit to the tour? Should those in a position to compete be allowed to replace those who have low attendance?


Darters, discuss!

Lead Image: Steve Dazsko



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