The Italian Job

By Editorial Staff 02/06/2021

DARTS World Magazine has always sought to bring you news, and views, from fellow dart s players and fans in all parts of the globe. For Issue 574 we introduced a new collaboration with our friends in Italy. The game is growing at a rapid pace and we were delighted to share some highlights with you:

PDC Europe was not the only one holding a Superleague during recent times. Our new friends at Freccette Italia have been involved in the organisation and coverage of a brand new event for some of the best Italian players. Due to Covid restrictions still being in place the event was online/virtual but it is hoped that its success will lead to an in-person event as soon as possible.


Seventy-two players entered the main event with 16 also taking part in a month-long ‘Premier League’. Those 16 players have more than forty national titles between them, and many, have been to Q-school and have represented the Italian national team in the PDC television tournaments.


Perhaps the best known is Daniele Petri who has represented Italy in multiple World Cups and competed on the European Tour (PDC). Check out the events progress and results at: and on their Facebook group.


Italy is following what could be dubbed the ‘European trend’ darts and the game is developing rapidly. To give you an idea, more than 16 hours of Superleague match coverage and news have been broadcast so far, with almost 200 hours of viewing minutes on the YouTube channel and over 400 on Facebook (Diddle-DNS and Freccette Italia).


Darts World has witnessed the birth of many new darts organisations and systems over the years, but few have been as dramatic as the rise of European darts in the last decade. Can Italy join Holland, Germany and Belgium in providing playing talent together with energetic new audiences and markets for the truly ‘Global Game’ 


Our advice to Freccette Italia? Roll up your sleeves and sharpen your darts because right now you are the chief protagonists of our sport in Italy!




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