The MAD Revolution.

By CJ Harris-Hulme 04/08/2020

MAD was launched, only a few weeks ago, with the stated aim of revolutionising 'Amateur' darts. A stream of exciting and intriguing announcements followed and the new organisation gained support from many in the game including Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld.

Even a reigning World Champion joined in, BDO World Champion Wayne Warren announced his support and will be playing MAD events and a string of appointments have been made in order that the vision can be made into reality. Now the hard work is underway. Software and systems are being developed and tested to enable every team, or player, to register and have their results recorded. The regional administration is being put in place and much more is piling up on the plate of 'The MADfather' Steve Brown.

In between all this Steve managed to snatch a few minutes with Darts World as we dig a little further into the MAD plans and try to gain a little more insight for the millions of darts players who may soon be benefitting from all the 'behind the scenes' effort that is clearly going on. It is fair to say the there is a lot more to come from MAD.

Look out later today and during this week for more news and exclusive updates from MAD and Darts World.

Read all about MAD's launch in Darts World 570. Going forward Darts will be the place for MAD news as well as JDC and 'Virtual' updates.  Our online 'MAD house' will be dedicated to news, results, and updates. Meanwhile, our legendary monthly magazine will highlight MAD performers and reports directly from their events.


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