The Open Road: Walton Open sees Pilgrim's progress

By AIM180 12/07/2021

More and more open events are appearing on the calendar with almost every passing day. The opportunity for darts players to get out and 'strutt their stuff' once more seems to good to reisist. The Walton Open, July 10th, was a fine example.

Ornagised by Aaron Turner and affiliated to the new MAD system the event attracted a mix of big names, in form talent and those who simply wanted to stretch their dart arm again after the long restricted period of 2020 and 2021. 

The open event featured Richie Edhouse and Chaz Barstow who had both been tearing up the field at the PDC Super Series only days before. Also in the field were names such as Richard North andthe legend that is Deta Hedman.

Yet is was the experienced Darryl Pilgrim and Polish Challenge Tour player Lukazs Sawicki who contested the final. Pilgrim claimed the victory together with the £501 first prize and MAD ranking points on offer. Wise old hand Ian Jopling and Andrew Foster were the losing semi finalists with Connor Scutt, Nick Holman, Jamie Kelling and Harrison Firmanger reaching the last eight.

The separate ladies event was claimed by Hedman who defeated Mandy Pawley in the final. Tracey North and Kerry O' Conner reached the semi finals.

The feedback from the day seemed universally positive with many thanks being directed at Aaron Turner for his organising and operating of the event.




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