The Practice Board: Double-Tap

By AIM180 02/06/2021

In military parlance, to double-tap is to fire two shots in rapid succession without a second look at the target. An often-repeated refrain is two in the head, one in the heart. There is a darting parallel.

Some of the most impressive finishes on the dartboard involve hitting two of the same treble and a double. The most obvious is, of course, the biggest of all, the 170. But there are many others that crop up regularly. We designed a game/routine to allow you to practice some of the most ‘popular’ of these ‘Double-Tap’ finishes.

Double Tap is simple to play and can be varied according to preference and ability. Simply take the top 5 of these finishes and attempt to take them out. You must throw your first two darts at the treble 20 and your third at the stated double:



1 170 170 65 (20,20,25)
2 160 160 120 (t20,20,d20)
3 156 156 120 (t20,t20,0*)
4 152 152 96 (20,t20,16)
5 144 144 144 (t20, t20,d12)

Totals:  N/A 782 545 



Double-Tap helps your rhythm and self-control, a rush of blood after two T20s needs to be overcome and then gotten used to. The game also benefits your one/last dart finishing in general. Fringe benefits include becoming familiar with the biggest checkouts and those that devolve from them, 130 for example.


Double-Tap can be varied in two main ways. One is to add the lower doubles and use 14,10, 9, 8, 4 or any that you like to set up. Keep it to 5 for each drill though. Secondly, use the 19 and 18 to create 5 more ‘Double-Taps’: 164, 154, 150, 138 & 122 are good examples.

Standards and records:

Players of a professional standard will hit at least one treble on each turn and should aim for 600. Strivers may be less consistent but still hit a high number of trebles and doubles: 500 is a good benchmark. A good aim for the improving/good pub player would be more than 350. During a recent coaching session, a pro took out three targets, had a shot at a fourth, and would have been pushing 700. However, an awful start had released the pressure, and instead, a merely decent score was posted.

Can you do better?



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