The Viking launches seniors raid

By JR Lott 15/04/2021

ANDY Fordham, one of the most loved personalities in darts, has become the latest to confirm his participation in the World Seniors Darts event. Starting in early 2022 the World Seniors has already signed and sealed many legends of tungsten tossing. But, the World champion of 2004 holds a special place in the heart.

Any darts fan who recalls the atmosphere when The Viking returned to big-time darts - at the 2015 Grand Slam - after illness, will understand why World Seniors will be delighted to secure his signature. 
(View the moment here)

As well as being enormously well known within darts Andy is one of the handful who has crossed over into mainstream popularity. His TV appearances and struggles with weight and ill health have ensured that a fondness for the bubbly champ has not dimmed. In many ways he is, perhaps, only second to the late Eric Bristow in terms of general name recognition.

The Viking also brings some commercial heft to the table. Within the darts industry many claims that it was his emotional Lakeside victory, rather than Taylor's total dominance of the PDC, that truly set of the second great darting age.

Andy Fordham on playing in the World Senior Darts:

"Really pleased to play in this, I think the atmosphere will be tremendous"

As we await the full list of names to be invited and then such formalities as the venue (could it be the Lakeside?), and the process by which the two additional places will be filled, it's good to know that one of darts biggest names will feature in the spotlight once more.



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