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By JR Lott 10/05/2021

ONCE in a while, there is a bonus to being on the Darts World team. This month it came in the form of a fantastic opportunity to review a new darts gift product.
Toff London came up with a novel idea during lock-down, and it’s already proving popular amongst darts fans. Their range of darts-themed watches has been a success since day one.

Whether it’s for a star player, the team to celebrate a magnificent triumph, or a die-hard darts fan who wants to wear their passion on their wrist, Toff London has the perfect memento.

I am currently wearing the blue-faced model (pictured) with darts images/ numerals at the landmark points. Solid without being over heavy - just in case you fancy doing a Whitlock and wearing it on your throwing wrist - with a high-quality leather strap of the type that I prefer, the blue and white face is clear to see and not over the top in terms of darts imagery. Even this more subtle model has caught the attention of fans, both in-person and during the inevitable Zoom calls.

There are multiple collections and ranges to choose from which are growing by the day, with engraving offered to mark the occasion or event. Bespoke dial designs will soon be available making them 100% tailored to your wishes. Event promoters may want to see them as an alternative to the dust catchers also known as trophies; they also seem ideal for team presentations, awards, or even team signature pieces.

Fancy one of your own? Keep an eye on our social media channels as we will be offering you the chance to win one during May. In the meantime, I shall just enjoy my Darts World and Toff London bonus!


Toff London launched in late 2020 and brings over 50 years of watchmaking experience to create a truly bespoke watch brand, with dials designed and watches assembled by hand in their London workshop.
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