UKDA land major sponsor

By JR Lott 20/12/2020

Darts moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you might miss it!

Scarcely a day goes by without one of three new darts organisations making another announcement regarding their future plans. MAD darts has been incredibly active over recent months and the WDF has sprung back into life within the last week.

The latest was the UKDA (United Kingdom Darts Association) who have announced a long-term sponsorship deal with Darts Corner. This appears very good news for the thousands of darts players who love the County scene and backed the UKDA (over the BDO) this year.

Colin Savage has earned a great deal of credit both for putting together the UKDA plan and now for securing strong support from one of the biggest darts retailers in the UK. Darts Corner CEO, Wayne Taylor, envisages a long term and mutually beneficial relationship that stretches many years into the future.

UKDA Chairman Johnny Stefano credited Darts Corner with supporting their efforts from a very early stage. He stated:

"Darts Corner was the first company to call me with advise and support that has since proved invaluable"

"It is why everyone at UKDA feels we could not have chosen a better partner to move forward with"

The Boardroom team can see the merits of this partnership. The UKDA was in need of a big name supporter and the resources that such an arrangement can bring. Darts Corner meanwhile has many ventures and brands currently bubbling away and has always had a solid foundation amongst players of the game rather than armchair supporters and fans.

Darts World wishes all three organisations success and better fortune than 2020 has brought. Amateur darts could be getting the shot in the arm it has long been waiting for.

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