Winmau Launch 2023: Reaction

By Joe Reid 03/11/2022

WITH the Winmau 2023 collection launch releasing today, our man Joe Reid was kindly granted an early look at some of the fantastic range of products out on sale! Here he provides a rundown of what has been released, as well as his own initial thoughts.

Our analyst team over at AIM180 is testing some items as we speak and will add their comments (in italics) as the day goes by!

Let us know @Darts_World and @JoeReid180 your thoughts, and what products you’ll be picking up! As always, reviews of various products will be coming soon, so keep an eye out!

MVG Trilogy

Possibly the flagship product from the launch, these are truly a work of art. Commemorating Michael’s three World Championships, the darts seem a uniquely coated variation of his Exact darts.

Loved these. They look really swish and have a slightly softer feel than some new models. Very tempting to keep going with these….”

Joe Cullen Ignition

The latest addition to the expanding Joe Cullen range, the Ignition darts seem to be a hybrid between his match-darts and the recently released S.E version. A new horizontal milled grip will offer a more aggressive feel, while the darts profile has been kept consistent with the rest of the range.

Totally correct summary from Joe. A very rare dart you can hold it in three distinct zones and still get great performance.”

Danny Noppert Freeze Edition

A new set of arrows for the UK Open champion, inspired by Noppies new persona. Perhaps my personal favorite within the release, the darts are a new imagination on his previous style. The triple-milled grip will offer an enhanced level of aggression, with a striking black and silver design.

Got to agree with Joe here. A little surprised at just how good these are. They remind me of the excellent Red Dragon Rogue darts. Hold them at the rear and try your best Bristow throw. You will be amazed!

Nitin Kumar 23g

The first in the range for the Indian No. 1 Nitin Kumar! An apparent reimagination of Red Dragons Amberjack darts sees two aggressive sections of grip, suited to most darts players.

Thibault Tricole 23g

Thibault brings back the classic style knurled barrel. For those that have used the old Magnum darts, these appear to be very similar – I believe they were the inspiration Thibault himself used!

Aurora Fochesato 22g

A very interesting design of dart – Aurora’s darts will be like marmite. You either love it, or hate it. A thicker, shorter barrel with a wide fractal grip will offer a relatively high level of grip, but a style of dart that will intrigue.

These are the ‘hidden gem’ of the launch for me. The slightly shorter barrel, but with all the design and engineering as the recent trend for longer more direct darts, is ideal for those with simple throws but who want all the modern grip and cosmetic tech as well

Valhalla (Darts)

A new addition to Winmau’s non-player range, the Valhalla darts appear to be a simple ring grip, but with an intricate center. Available in steel tip and soft tip, and with a range of weights available, these will certainly be a popular release!

Poseidon (Darts)

Another favorite of mine, and another universally usable barrel. A full length, triple milled grip will suit most players, and a striking blue titanium nitride coating to boot. Like the Valhalla, they are available in multiple weights, and in both steel tip and soft tip.

Diablo (Darts)

While many have heard of the Diablo range, they have been given a bit of an update, with multiple styles available. Available in steel tip and soft tip, as well as straight barrels and bomb barrels.

Maverick (Darts)

A new 80% dart to bolster the range, with a unique style. A slight rear scallop, a nr ancestor to the old Winmau Christian Kist range. I’d be very interested to see a side-by-side shot of the two, to compare the two with each other.


An interesting concept, and perhaps an early competitor to the Target Mod system. This phone holder clips to the board, with Winmau clearly taking inspiration from the popularity of online darts, helped with leagues such as the GDL. 

Pro Zone Stage Set

I’m a huge fan of this. As someone that likes a professional style setup, this is a huge hit. Certainly one for those that like a unique setup, and it will compliment the Blade 6 perfectly! I’m very interested to see it installed.

"That makes two of us JOE"

While a whole host of other fantastic products are on the way, these are the ones I’ll be commenting on for now. New surrounds, shirts, stems, flights and more are also available from the Red Dragon website – definitely check it out!



Images: Winmau

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