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By AIM180 18/02/2021

NON-player endorsed darts are worth greater investigation than they are often afforded. They tend to cost less and yet are full of technical innovation and very nice styles. Winmau's Pro Line are a fine example:

An excellent, slightly tapered dart with a high level ringed grip. Pro-Line is a non-player dart in a classic  shape made distinctive by a black onyx coating:

Product: Darts (Steel-Tip)

Model: Winmau Pro-Line 

Material: 90% Tungsten

Variation: 25g 

What's In Box:
As is the case across the board Pro-Line is simply packaged with three barrels, a Winmau point protector, and a complimentary setup. The Prism Force Flight & Stem set is premium quality and coloured to match.

  • Length: 50.8mm
  • Width: 6.7mm (Widest)
  • Material: 90% Tungsten (Black Onyx Coated)
  • Point: Black Steel (Standard)
  • Grip: Ring Cut (Fine) Double Spaced Pattern.
Player Quotes:
" There is something of the RVB style in these but more aggressive grip"
" Very nice balance and the Onyx seems to make the grip more comfortable even with a strong grip"
" Perfect dart for a mid barrel thrower."

Debbie Downers:
Although these look a simple dart they are a bit more complex than first glance suggests. The grip pattern and the deep cut grooves near, the stem end, seemed to limit the areas that the dart can be effectively held. The simpler your grip and throw the better.

Pro-Line is a major Winmau range of high-quality nonplayer items to cover almost all your darting needs. There are shirts, hoodies, bags, and many other 'Pro-Line' ranges. Unusually the darts themselves are available in both odd and even weights from 21-26g. This is a superb touch for those discovering their ideal weight or those thinking of tweaking. They are a superb place to start.

AIM: tested two different weights (22 and 25g) with the original Prism Force setups and found them to be very effective for a direct thrower. switching to a tweenie stem and a thinner flight allowed more arc to the flight and a very relaxed, almost dropping, the technique proved very effective indeed.
A brief test with a molded flight system did not seem to suit this model and was soon abandoned.


The grip style and the Onyx covering seem to go well together and after 50 or so legs there was little sign of use. As with all coatings, there will be wear and tear but this may actually be a positive as it will soften the feel of the dart. The aggressive grip and solid build lead to some flight and stem damage but this is well within the normal range. With traditional flight and stem sets, this will not prove a burden.


AIM: testers liked this dart and, for the price, all agreed it was well worth a try. It is simple and effective, and once you have located your grip zone, Pro-Line does not require a lot of getting used to.
If you have a simple throw and perhaps a relaxed 'dropping throw' somewhat like Barney or even a 'mid-career' Taylor then you may like to experiment with these. Around £34 for a 90% coated dart with this design and finish quality is very good value and with the selection available you would struggle to go wrong with Pro-Line.

Pro-Line can be ordered online here



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