World Champion 'Weapons'

By AIM180 14/07/2020

This very special edition was commissioned to celebrate Snakebite’s victory in the World Championships. It has gone from strength to strength since and proven very popular. Despite conventional, slightly longer than usual, dimensions (54.6mm long x 5.9mm wide (widest)), the World Champion Edition is certainly not conventional in other ways:

Product: Darts (Steel Tip)
Brand: Red Dragon
Model Name: Peter Wright (World Champion Edition)
Variation: 21g 90% Tungsten
RRP: £49.90+


It is a superbly engineered but simple looking dart. The rainbow areas look sharp and practical with the lurid colour flashes adding a dash of flamboyance. The grip is impressive and well placed. Cuts to the barrel are used in a traditional pattern in order to produce a dart that looks and feels grippier than most similar barrels. These sections mean that the grip is very flexible and suitable, it appears, so far, from testing, for almost any type of player. A very wide cross-section of players liked this dart and enjoyed trialling it. The traditional steel point is black and lends into the barrel visually. It’s a solid addition and rounds off the dart well.

What’s in the Box?

As with most Red Dragon darts, these days, the pack comes with one set of (Peter Wright WC) barrels (21g) together with a set of (black) Nitro-Tech stems and Snakebite coordinated (Purple, Black & White) set of Hardcore flights. The set up can be easily replicated via the Red Dragon store.

Tester Quotes:

“...I loved the grip on the lower half of the dart. It feels like I can put my fingers where I want and it feels the same...” County Lady Player
"there is a bit of my old Bob Anderson’s in them but much better...” Youth player 
“ these are just so much better than I imagined. I was never keen on this style of dart but this is just totally different...”Elite player. 

Debbie downers:

Like in everything, there are always a couple of quibbles, There seem very few with the World Champion edition though. One player was not keen on the lurid nature of the coating that highlights the top end of the barrel. Another would have preferred the blank to either be moved or removed. In honesty, these things are simply a matter of personal taste.


So far, the Snakebite (World Champion) have stood up very well. They have been used in close to 300 legs by a variety of different players over quite a few weeks.


At under £50, for the World Champion’s darts, these are excellent value for money. All testers agreed that they would happily purchase at this price.

Marks: 9.0/10

The WC edition has received one of the highest marks of any dart we have tested so far. Indeed, a maximum 10/10s were awarded with nothing negative to say. One player has switched to them and we suspect another is hoping for his weight to be released!

SnapShot: An outstanding dart, popular with all testers and throw styles. Durable, exciting, and flexible, as well as superbly engineered and manufactured. A truly Worthy World Champion Edition!


*Win the test set of Peter Wright darts, during August 2020 by following @Darts_World (Thanks to AIM: for the extensive testing)


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