Wright refutes Taylor's "Stop messing about" remarks

By JR Lott 06/02/2021

PHIL Taylor knows a thing or two about darts. The 16 time World champion recently offered his view that it was time for Peter Wright to stop chopping and changing his equipment in order to recapture his best form. But every player is different and, whether it's practically or psychologically, who is to say that what works for one might not be a total failure for another?

To find the most in-depth answer we turned to accuracy super-coach Stephen Feeney, who has examined Peter’s throw up close and personal. Stephen also has vast experience working with many champion players in several accuracy-based disciplines, including golf and snooker.

Stephen said,

"Perhaps, Peter is merely elevating darts and adopting the attitudes and techniques that have driven progress in sports such as golf or tennis".

He continued:  "With Peter, the answer may lie in the question being approached in two ways, the practical and psychological. On the practical side, Peter is always looking for the best set of darts to enable him to deliver the sort of performances that he believes he is capable of. On the psychological side, he wants the right set that he believes will perform to exceptional standards".

“If you think of other sports, especially golf, you only have to see the number of different clubs and putters in their garages! It is not so different”.
“The elite players such as Darren Clarke or Colin Montgomerie have many examples of club changes throughout their careers”.

“It is always about making sure that at any given time they have the best technology to match their skill level and be able to deliver better performances than their rivals. So the practicalities with Peter are similar”.

“He is always trying to make sure that his equipment, namely his darts, are the best set for him and they feel that way to him”.

Peter works exceptionally closely, in his search for perfection, with the team at Red Dragon who has supported him for over a decade, especially Production Director Lee Huxtable. Lee has personally overseen the fitting of Peter’s darts for many years

Lee said "It’s absolutely mind-boggling what goes on in Peter's head about the darts that he needs, but every request is based around an exact feel and throw that Peter wants. Whilst he could literally throw anything to a high standard, he demands the very best of himself and hence why he will always tinker with his darts designs. It may be hard for us to keep up, but it’s what makes him who he is".

Stephen went on to explain "As well as the visual aspects that we've seen Peter work on, he has a heightened sense of feel. Players such as Peter can feel or sense every minute change or fraction of a gram difference. Feel is so important to Peter, the dart must feel perfect and if it does not he will continue to strive for perfection.”

“We know from all sports and other research that striving toward perfection can lead to excellence. From a psychological point of view, it's very personal”.

"We are talking about a player, Peter Wright, who believes that he can find the perfect set of darts for any particular time. Some of that will be connected to how he is feeling which does indicate a psychological element".

"When Peter believes he has the right set in his hand, he believes he will perform to an exceptional standard. When you listen to Peter's interviews he didn't become a World champion at 50 by accident"

Whilst there is not much doubt what the 'Supercoach' thinks, could it be that the 'The Power' is applying logic that worked so well for him to a player with completely different make-up and set of emotional drivers?

It’s important to note also there’s a myriad of factors that change throughout a player’s career, and thus the identity of their perfect dart will evolve over the years. Factors such as throw technique adjustments, physique changes, shifts in mentality, advances in the industry’s technology, and many more.

Taylor’s darts themselves evolved throughout his career at the top of the game. If you take the Bristow-style parallel dart that guided him to his first World Championship in 1995 and compare it to the bomber style dart that he used in his final World Matchplay win in 2017 – the evolution has been a massive one and arguably you could not find two barrels further apart on the darting spectrum.

However, this was much more a gradual evolution for “The Power” as he continued to strive for the best equipment to assist him with remaining at peak of World Darts, and adapt as his body and throw also evolved through those years.

So Darts World asked Peter for his thoughts and he concluded:

"Everyone has told me for years that I should just stop messing about changing my darts and that its bad for my game but at the end of the day it’s me that throws them.

"I see so many players on tour using the wrong darts for their throw, that maybe it’s them that should look at changing more? But as long as I’m competing for trophies and getting an edge then I’ll keep on changing”.



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